Our Companies

Our subsidiaries play a vital part of our success. They allow us to strengthen our competencies in specialized areas and achieve greater customer proximity. With high professionalism and superior customer service, they build lasting relationships with clients, which is the key to achieving continued success.


Law Insurance Broker Co., Ltd (“Law Broker”), founded in 1985 and headquartered in Taipei, is the preeminent professional insurance broker in Taiwan by revenue. For over 30 years, Law Broker has dedicated itself to serving as clients’ advocates, protecting them against risks and providing lasting peace of mind with personalized insurance solutions and unparalleled claim advocacy support.

Law Broker has a sales and service network of over 2,500 agents and 100 administrative staffs across 30 offices in Taiwan. To ensure high professionalism of its sale agents and to support their career progression, Law Broker has meticulously designed and implemented various structuralized training programs of coaching and development. As the result of substantial investment in personnel training, Law Broker is the only company to receive Taiwan Insurance Excellence Award, a government-granted award, in the Talent Training category for seven consecutive terms. Furthermore, the proprietary development of a Unified Operating IT Platform has greatly enhanced the administrative, operational, and distribution efficiency of the company, contributing to Law Broker’s successful expansion and growth into the top insurance broker in Taiwan.

Law Broker’s company slogan, “Insure with Law Broker, We Can Achieve Great Things Together”, sums up its commitment to serve as trusted counsels of its clients, giving them lasting freedom to pursue all possibilities.


2,978dedicated professionals

36branch offices


Law Anhou Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. (“Law Anhou”), formerly known as Zhengzhou Insurance Agency Co., Ltd., was founded in Henan province of China in 2003. The company name was changed in 2013, and the headquarter was relocated to Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province in 2014. Law Anhou holds a nationwide insurance agency license to provide insurance services. Its sales and service network consists of over 2710 sales agents and 120 administrative staffs operating in 43 branch locations across Jiangsu, Henan, Sichuan Fujian and Guangdong. In 2010, Law Anhou acquired two wholly owned subsidiaries, Jiangsu Law Insurance Broker Co., Ltd (“Jiangsu Law”) and Sichuan Kangzhuang Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. (“Sichuan Kangzhuan”). Jiangsu Law holds a nationwide insurance broker license, and mainly markets property and casualty insurance products.

The compounding nature of economic growth and increasing life penetration rates translates to unprecedented opportunities for China’s life insurance market in which Law Anhou is excited to take part in. A better regulated insurance intermediary market and consumer’s shift of preference from insurer’s captive agents to professional insurance intermediaries further accentuates Law Anhou’s competitive advantage. In addition, the access to a wealth of resources, including a mature business model from its Taiwan counterpart, along with the focus on life insurance products differentiate Law Anhou in the marketplace. As Law Anhou is strategically expanding it footprint in China, the commitment to serve in the best interests of its clients will remain unchanged. Law Anhou aspires to become the standard of excellence in the industry, being the first choice of potential clients when seeking insurance solutions.

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2830dedicated professionals

43branch offices


Prime Financial Asia Ltd. (“PFA”) is a Hong Kong-based professional reinsurance broker providing a wide range of risk management and reinsurance brokerage services. It was founded to address the increasingly complex and sophisticated insurance and risk management issues in the Greater China Region.

As part of the CUIS group, PFA is well positioned as an insurance expert to identify business opportunities for CUIS’s distribution capabilities and support the creation of competitive insurance products and services. Through PFA, CUIS is able to manufacture and distribute its own insurance products that are tailor-made to meet the unique market characteristics of both Taiwan and Mainland China. This provides strong and proprietary capabilities that will drive the long-term success of CUIS in this region.

PFA provides a one-stop shop for risk management and reinsurance brokerage services and solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Understand clients’ broad financial landscape before making recommendations for a specific solution,
  • Identify markets for clients and support the creation of new capacity to address the business development needs,
  • Assist clients to make strategic decisions on retaining, mitigating and transferring risks in prompt response to the dynamic changes of business environment, and
  • Partner with our clients to provide a wide range of risk management and reinsurance brokerage services.


1streinsurance broker with actuarial ability to
design customized products

50insurance intermediaries in Taiwan
successfully distributed the products designed by PFA


Uniwill Insurance Broker is a joint venture founded by China United Insurance Service (CUIS), a corporation with more than 30 years of experience in the operation of domestic and foreign insurance broker companies. Headquartered on the top floor of Fong-Yi Municipal Capital Plaza, Taichung, our core concept is just like our company’s English name, UNIWILL, UNI means “You &I ” together; WILL is the WILL and also represents the future. Uniwill believes that if our customers are good, our colleagues will be good, and therefore Uniwill will be good. Uniwill Insurance Broker is determined to create a better and more secure life for our customers, our colleagues, and our families.


【PERSIST】Build our characteristic, and shine.

【GRATEFUL】Grateful for our customers’ support and Grateful for our colleagues’ efforts. With honesty, we treat our customers and colleagues like our family.

【PROACTIVE】We care, we serve, with honesty and responsibility.

【GIVE BACK】Give back to our customer a more thorough service and protection. Give back to our colleagues with the best system.


1780dedicated professionals

11branch offices


Joint Insurance Broker was founded by China United Insurance Service (CUIS) in 2018. With a clear system and promotion criteria, we share our profits with no delay, no precondition. With our high-quality team, we provide our customers with a more stable asset allocation and integrated solutions for risk management through the insurance product we represent.

Business Philosophy

Under the circumstance of globalization and the trend of information free flow, the cost, risk and the protection of insurances have become clearer and more transparent nowadays.
Thus, Comparative advantages becomes a common focus for both customers and insurance brokers. We consider it a trend under the transformation of technology and change of lifestyle. Only open and transparent information, which can stand of being comparative is the true spirit of insurance brokers.

Therefore, Joint Insurance Broker built a transparent, clear, open, and straightforward system and structure, to provide our customers with a more stable asset allocation and integrated solutions for risk management through the insurance product we represent.


200dedicated professionals

2branch offices